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Facebook Groups Secrets: How To Make $50-$100 Daily

Jonathan Glaser      Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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Facebook Groups Secrets: How To Make $50-$100 Daily


Believe it or not, you can make decent money posting in Facebook Groups.


I have seen many people who make up to $100 daily.


It's all a matter of how you post inside and what you promote.


If you're familiar with Facebook groups you know many, many people will spam the crap out of them.


Which is extremely annoying!


So I can't emphasize this enough!


If you post the right way, you can make $50-$100 a day!


When posting In Facebook groups make sure you have identified the problem the members have and offer the solution with the product you're promoting!


This is where most people will go wrong when posting inside Facebook groups. You see, most people are looking for people to join their opportunities and have very little knowledge of how to get traffic to their sales pages, other than posting in Facebook groups.


These same people may also be getting burned out with the results (or lack of) they're getting with their current opportunity and either be looking for a new one or simply be looking for a way to make some extra income while building it.


This will be your target audience when posting in Facebook groups.


Find products that solves the problem your target audience has and write a tailored message directly to them.


The next step is to find a product that solves the problem that most people have.


For instance, most people posting in Facebook groups are looking for more ways to get traffic to their sales pages.


So you need to find a product that solves this problem.


To do this, the best place to go is a site called Muncheye.


Or you can go to JVZOO or Warrior Plus and search for products that teach traffic generation.


(The Video at the bottom of this post explains this in more detail including a high converting offer you can start promoting and earning with)


Once you have found a product that you need to request your link by clicking on the button that says request link and write this:


Hey I like your product and think it helps a lot of my followers improve their results online. Please grant me access to promote it. I plan to promote to my list and social media followers. Please set me to instant if possible.”


Facebook Group Secrets request an offer


Important note- May not get set to instant if you have less than 25 sales. You can always contact vendor and request commissions once you start getting some decent sales rolling in*


You want to make sure that when you post an ad in Facebook groups that it stays at the top at all times


Finally, once you've found the affiliate product to promote inside your Facebook groups, the next step is to write a message that will not only grab your target audience's attention but will also get them to take a specific action that will boost your post and keep it at or near the top.


What specific action?


You want the viewer to write “Info” in the comments.


This is because literally thousands of people are posting ads inside Facebook groups every hour, so to sort out which ones to show, Facebook's algorithm must determine which ones are important.


Facebook Groups Secrets comments


So posts with links usually get buried and posts that get a lot of engagement will get pushed to the top.


Also, Facebook wants to keep its users in its platform, so any post with links will be penalized and not shown as much.


Once someone comments on your post, you will send them a message to their in box with your affiliate link.


After that you will, like their comment and then reply: “Info sent. Check your messages.”


Do that for every reply you get inside your Facebook groups and your post will be seen by thousands of leads ready to buy and you will rake in $50-$100 daily, as long as your consistent.


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