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3 Powerful Tips For Ranking Videos On Youtube In 2018

Jonathan Glaser      Friday, June 1, 2018

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3 powerful tips for ranking videos on youtube


So you've heard that there's lots of money to be made on Youtube, but there is just one problem.


You know nothing or very little at all about ranking videos on Youtube.


Or perhaps you are after some nuggets that will up your game.


What ever reason your on this post.


You'll find the content very valuable.


Also, be sure to read until the end for a very special gift.


These 3 Powerful Tips Drive Loads Of Free Buyer Traffic By Ranking Videos On Youtube!


First off, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that you already are familiar

with creating videos to promote your products or services and you're here looking for efficient ways on ranking videos on Youtube.


If so, then this is going to help you greatly.


If not, I recommend you download my free guide here and use it with the training you'll receive on this post.



Tip #1: Find A Common Problem In Your Niche


This is the most important tip when ranking videos on Youtube because it is what is going to attract your viewers.


I like to go to a site called Quora and type in the common problem for my niche in the search bar.



Let's say we're looking for ways to drive free traffic in the MMO (make money online) niche.


So, you guessed it you would type in “ways to generate free traffic” in the search bar.


ranking videos on youtube quora demo


Next, look at the questions and find a trend.


Once you notice people asking similar questions, you now have an idea of the keyword you should research.


The next step is to find a product that solves this problem, create a video about it, which you can learn how to do inside my Guide To Making Money on Youtube.


Finally, it's time for the fun stuff!


Finding the best keyword for ranking videos on Youtube!


Tip #2 Efficient Keyword Research


For this tip, you will be using my favorite tool, Keyword Finder. It shows you what keywords people are looking for in real time as well as suggestions for similar keywords you can use.


It also will show you how difficult it is for ranking videos on Youtube.


The lower the number the better!


Now you see why it's my favorite keyword research tool.



One important note is to look for keywords that are higher than 500 monthly search volumes.


And finally, you may find that there numerous keywords that have the same monthly search volume.


Prompting the question?


Which one should you use?


To figure this out head over to Google trends and type one into the search bar, then click the compare section marked with the plus sign and then simply observe which ones have the higher trend line.


*Important note: You want keywords with uptrends over 50*


Now we have the keyword for ranking videos on Youtube.


Easy peasy.


The last step is to pick similar keywords with criteria I mentioned above to use as tags.


You can use up to 10.


Time for the last tip.


Optimizing your file and thumbnails!


Tip#3: Optimize Your Video And Thumbnail Files


Now that we found the product to promote and the keyword to use, it's time for the most overlooked yet highly effective tip for ranking videos on Youtube.


Optimizing the video and thumbnail files.


To do this simply go to the video file, then right click, go to rename and name your file the name of your video.


Be sure to include the keyword you're ranking for.


After that, right click the file again and go to details.


You will see 4 blank spaces and 5 empty star spots.



Copy and paste the name of your video into the title and sub-title lines, then do the following:



Click the 5th star so all are highlighted yellow.


Copy And Paste your tags (related keywords) in the comments and tags section.


Click Apply.


Click Ok.


Right click and go to properties to double check that all fields are filled.


There you have it.


You've optimized you're video file.


Do the exact same step for your thumbnail image.


It may seem a task at first when ranking videos on Youtube, but believe me the more you do it, the more it becomes like 2nd nature and once you start getting daily results it even becomes addicting.


So stay consistent!


Watch the video below to see my 3 tips to ranking videos on Youtube in action and get a visual grasp on how easy this is to do!



Before you go be sure to claim your free copy of my : Guide To Making Money On Youtube.


ranking videos on youtube free guide


Please share this with anyone who could benefit from this training and browse my blog as it's loaded with valuable tools and training to help you grow your business online!