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Ad Target Drill Review: Case Study Reveals How To Turn $41.73 Into $5,483

Jonathan Glaser      Monday, June 18, 2018

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Ad Target Review


What Exactly Is Ad Target Drill?


Ad Target Drill is a case study by Ivana Bosnak. She shows you in a case study style over the shoulder course how she turns $41.78 into $5,483 using the most powerful targeting option: Re marketing!


Ad Target Drill works for any niche and type of marketing including affiliate and CPA marketing and e commerce.


The method is super simple.


Build a re marketing audience, then promote to this audience any product or offer you have for huge commissions and a low ad cost!


Ad Target Drill was set up to appeal to complete newbies at internet marketing but established and veteran marketers can get some value from this as well.


I actually currently use this method and picked up some new techniques after going through this course!


Watch My Ad Target Drill Review Video Below And Take A Sneak Peek At The Members Area!



Are there bonuses included with Ad Target Drill?


Oh ya there is.


What would a review be without some awesome bonuses to pump up the value!


Check Out My Ad Target Drill Bonuses Below:


Instagram Traffic


This master guide will help you to master the instagram traffic for your site. You can then simply bring free traffic using Instagram and make more sales & adsense revenue from your site.


LinkedIn Traffic Strategies


 There is no other professional platform out there to connect with people more professionally like the way LinkedIn does. So target people using these unique strategies to bring traffic and generate leads.


Pinterest Made Easy


What hasn’t changed is – ‘People’s love for the images’. And you can leverage the same to bring traffic to your site.


Authority Blog Success


Walk through the steps it takes to build a content marketing machine that positions you as the authority blog within your industry. … Online-Searches-Content-Marketing. Without a doubt, mobile optimization is key to your content marketing and overall blogging success.


WP Notify Pro


Stop chasing traffic and discover how this new cutting edge software will instantly boost visits, clicks, conversions, and sales … regardless of your niche! Traffic is said to be the blood of your online business


WP Ad Slinger


WP Ad Slinger creates Facebook-style ads on any WordPress site. This provides users with an instant customized income stream while displaying ads in a format that over 1 billion internet users have growth quite accustomed to.


Case Study 1


How to turn 7.62 into 370: The case study on how Ivana Turned 7.62 in 370 With Google Adwords re targeting.


Case Study 2


$1092.98 in 2 days with affiliate marketing: This case study is will show you the exact steps I took to generate 1092.98 in commission in just 2 days with affiliate marketing.


100-200 Video Urls


Placement ads are the most effective targeting method which allows you to get your ads in front of your competitors traffic. This special Ad Target Drill Bonus will give you a HUGE BOOST and save you tons of time. You get access to up to 200+ urls in the top performing niches in Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing and E commerce!Updated Weekly


Custom Built Policy Complaint Landing Page


 There is more to a landing page than fancy copy and call to actions. It must also comply with the advertisers policies. This is a challenge for most newbies as well as established marketers and can be extremely time consuming. I offer a FREE policy compliant landing page including GDPR!Coupon Access on Ad Target Drill Bonus page.



Ad Target Drill Bonus 3


Ad Target Drill Bonus 4

A total Value of over $1500.


Do I Recommend Ad Target Drill?


Yes. I absolutely do, and not because I want to make a sale.


Because I have followed Ivana's other training courses and have seen great results. Her methods work and are practical for long term results.


Meaning years from now you can still use this method and get results to your business.


However, I do think she is charging way less than what Ad Target Drill is worth.


You reap the benefits of that.


==>Get Ad Target Drill And My 12 Bonuses Here<==


*Important Note** Ad Target Drill is on a dime sale for the duration of the launch.


After that the price will go up to $47!