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5 Crucial Seo Tips For Websites To Rank To The 1st Page Of Google

Jonathan Glaser      Monday, May 21, 2018

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5 crucial seo tips for websites to rank to the 1st page of google


It's simple.


Want more organic traffic?


Then you need to implement these 5 Seo Tips to rank on the 1st page of Google!


Using These 5 SEO Tips For Websites Will Make Your Life Easier


Look at any successful online marketer who is getting a steady flow of organic traffic to their websites and you will see these 5 seo tips for websites there.


They may not be visible at first, but after reading this post you will be able to spot them.


Here Are The 5 Crucial Seo Tips For Websites..


Seo Tips for Websites #1


Keyword Usage.


This is very important as you don't want to go over 15 keywords. Google search engines will penalize you for go over this amount which is known as keyword stuffing. So be sure to keep track of how many times you use your keyword. You can use the word press plug in Yoast or what I currently use On Page Seo Report to keep track.


Seo Tips for Websites #2


300 word minimum.


You need to make sure that your article, website or post has a minimum of 300 words. You want your viewers to stay on your page longer, which tells Google search engines that your content is important which will increase its authority ranking.


Seo Tips for Websites #3


Only One H1 Tag


You want to only use one H1 tag in your posts, articles or websites. This makes it easier to read, which is another factor that determines your Google search engine ranking.


Also, be sure to include the keyword in this tag, it's very important!


Seo Tips for Websites #4


Include External Links


Be sure to include external links inside your posts, articles, and websites. This is another way to increase your Google search engine ranking.


Seo Tips for Websites #5


Alt Attributes In Images


This is a lesser known of the Seo Tips For Websites I've included in this post. Yet, it is very powerful.


Not only does the Google search engine ranking bots crawl your websites, posts, and articles searching for relevant keywords, but they also search for images as well.


There you have it. Implement these seo tips for websites in every thing you create.


Watch my video below to get a better understanding of these 5 Crucial Seo Tips For Websites Below..



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