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Best Facebook Auto Poster Software That Won't Put You In Facebook Jail!

Jonathan Glaser      Thursday, February 8, 2018

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Have you noticed that it's getting harder and harder to market on Facebook. The algorithm has changed yet again driving Facebook Ads costs up.


It can put quite a dent in your profits, which is never good.


And if you use a facebook auto poster you land the risk of going to Facebook jail!


So what do you do?


Since it is still the best place to promote your online business, you just need the right tools.


A tool like the Social Wealth Club Automater, which is the best facebook auto poster software available in 2018!


best facebook auto poster software


Why You Need A Facebook Auto Poster Software For Your Online Business?


The main reason you need a Facebook auto poster is because it is super time consuming doing tasks manually and it can be extremely expensive hiring a virtual assistant.


So having the Social Wealth Club Automater is the next big thing and if used correctly can be just as powerful as running Facebook ads.


It allows you to automate multiple functions of marketing on Fb so you can put your online business on complete autopilot without getting thrown in Facebook jail.


This is how you truly achieve passive income and bring in income 24/7.


By having a software do the tedious work for you.


So that is why having this facebook auto poster as part of your marketing arsenal is crucial.


What Does The Social Wealth Club Automater Do?


I've seen just about every type of Facebook auto poster but the Social Wealth Club Automater soars above them all because it's features are very unique.


What do I mean by unique?


Take a look below at what it enables you to do:


The Social Wealth Club Automater:


Auto schedules posts

Auto comments on posts

Auto posts to group

auto likes

bulk comments

auto joins groups

auto adds friends

auto unfriends

auto invites to all your fanpages

and much more!


facebook Auto poster that won't land you in facebook jail


One of the coolest features about this Facebook auto poster that I'm really excited about is the auto friend feature.


You can add people to your friend list who comment on any posts from the biggest Facebook influencers, such as Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, Ray Higdon or any other big name in your niche.


Making this a very powerful tool.


Will The Social Wealth Club Automater Send You To Facebook Jail?


That's the biggest concern when it comes to a Facebook Auto-Poster.


Getting tossed in the dreaded Facebook jail!


The answer is:




As long as you follow the policies that FB has in place.


One such policy to follow is:


When it comes to auto joining groups, make sure to set it to 300 seconds.


Also, make sure to set it to 60-120 seconds between adding friends on auto-pilot!


To see how powerful the Social Wealth Club Automater will be for your online business and to learn how to avoid getting thrown in Fb Jail....


Watch The Tutorial by its creator Brand Belcher Below.


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