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The Good Life Isn't Over Until You Give Up On It.

Jonathan Glaser      Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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The Good Life Isn't Over Until You Give Up On It.


There Is no age limit to when you should stop pursuing your goals and living the Good Life you envisioned.


Often times we are encouraged at a young age by those that care for us the most to go after our dreams.


Yet, when you don't succeed within a certain time limit, those same people will tell you “to give up your silly dream” and join the work force like the rest of the 98%.


Don't get me wrong they mean well but since they never achieved their ultimate goals in life and had to settle for less, they have convinced themselves that is the way life goes!


In reality, it is only the way their life went because they gave up on the good life they envisioned for themselves and compromised.


If You Want The Good Life You Must Be Relentless..


The first step into to living the good life you envisioned for yourself is to commit to it and commit to it for the long term!


Never let anyone tell you that it is impossible.


It is impossible for them.


Not for you!


Then be absolutely relentless in your pursuit of the good life you have set for yourself and stay the course no matter how rough it gets!


Look at obstacles as stepping stones that will contribute to your growth. The more you overcome the more you grow and the closer you get to the good life you envisioned for yourself.


Be Absolutely Clear On What It Is You Want To Achieve..


This is the most important factor.


You must be one hundred percent clear on what it is you want to achieve and then create a plan to get it!


Then execute and never let up until your achieved your goal.


It is very important that you know what you want otherwise you will get distracted very easily and stray from your path.


If you want the good life bad enough you will get it.


The only way for you to not enjoy it is if you give up on yourself and settle for less than your worth.


Stay the course and you will enjoy the good life you've envisioned for yourself!


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