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Wordpress Sucks! This Ranks Your Websites To The 1st Page Of Google In 5 Days.....Or Less!

Jonathan Glaser      Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Wordpress Sucks! This Ranks Your Websites To 1st Page Of Google In 5 Days.....Or Less!


If you have used or are using wordpress, you know it's a huge pain in the you know what. Especially with all the new upgrades.


You know the ones that disrupt your plug-ins and render them useless and drop your website rankings like a stone!


Search your feelings. You know this to be true.


If this grabs your attention and hits you smack dab in the feelers, then keep on reading.


Because your about to learn about a powerful new all in one marketing platform that ranks your websites to the 1st page of Google and has the potential to put wordpress to rest once and for all!


Yes! You Can Still Use The Same Features Of The Wordpress Plugin Yoast To Increase Your Website Rankings.


One of the things that many wordpress users absolutely can't live without is the Yoast Plug in. As you know, this serves as a sort of SEO Checklist, enabling you to see everything that the search engines look for when website ranking.


So fret not.


This platform offers the same type of function only it is called the SEO on page report.


wordpress sucks. rank to 1st page of google seo on page report tool


It works the same way Yoast does.


Enter the Url of your website or post followed by the keyword you want to rank for and it will analyze your website or post and give you an overall ranking score.


It also will show you what you did right and what you did wrong so you can edit your post accordingly and get the best website ranking on Google.


The turquoise check marks are what you want to see a lot of.


It shows you in order of most the most important factors the search engines look for when website ranking.


They are as follows:


Critical factors

High Relevance factors

Moderate Factors

Low Relevance factors

Optional Factors.


The first two in this list are the most important to focus on, however the more you can do the better you will increase your website ranking.


Why Is This Platform Better Than Wordpress?


Now that that is out of the way, let's cut to the chase shall we?


After all, you're here to learn about a better option to wordpress.


So here goes.


First and foremost, this all in one marketing platform features all the main functions of wordpress such as drag n drop website page builder, a 10,000 subscriber auto responder service, a responsive blog builder including widgets along with plug ins that are very similar to what you are used to using.


Everything you normally work with using wordpress, except without the hassle and the updates won't fowl things up.

Now here's the best part.


You don't need your own hosting account.


This platform provides that as well.


Here is a full list of features:


website ranking without wordpress features

Advanced website ranking features without wordpress

security for website ranking without wordpress

You can also read my blog about this all in one platform here


How Do You Use It To Rank Your Websites To The 1st Page Of Google?


To learn to harness the power of this all in one marketing platform and why it's easier than wordpress you will need to watch the training video below.


Watch The Master Of SEO Use This Platform For Website Ranking Below


Watch A Website Tutorial Here


Click the button below to start your 7 day free trial. I guarantee you'll never want to use wordpress a again.


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