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Step By Step Guide To Build An Effective Email List From Scratch.

Jonathan Glaser      Saturday, January 13, 2018

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How to build an effective email list from scratch

One of the biggest assets you can ever build online is an email list.


However, to get the results you crave, you have to build it the right way!


How Do You Build An Effective Email List From Scratch?


To build an effective email list from scratch, you need to implement 3 simple steps.


That's it.


No need to complicate it.


In this blog post, I'm going to go over each step in detail.


Step 1 To Building An Effective Email List From Scratch


The first step to build an email list from scratch is to exchange something of value for your viewer's email.


Commonly referred to as a lead magnet.


I know. I know.


You may just be starting out and don't think you have anything of value to give away.


Hang Tight.


I'm going to show you an easy way to create a lead magnet in under 10 minutes, even if you're a complete newbie with zero knowledge and skills!


How To Create The Lead Magnet.


This is what often baffles beginners, but it is actually not that hard at all.


People will tell you what they're struggling with. You just need to know where to go.


One of the best places I like to go to is called, Quora.


It's similar to a forum and is where people go to ask questions about any topic under the sun.


Create an account there, then type in a common problem in your niche.


For instance, if your in the MMO niche a common problem is email list building so you would type in:


“ How to build an effective email list?”



Next you're going to find an article online about this topic using your favorite search engine..


After that, you will find the article that provides the best solution to the question and then you're going to go to a site called print friendly and turn it into a PDF.


Once you've done that, the last thing you will need to do is upload it into Google Drive, then go to the file and in the upper right corner click on the share icon and you will get a link.


This is what you will use as the lead magnet to build your effective email list.


The short video below will show you this method step by step.



Step 2 To Building An Effective Email List From Scratch.


This step is very important and will produce you unlimited profits if you do it right.


Step 2 to build an effective email list is to create a basic sales funnel, which consists of a capture page, auto-responder (where the lead goes after viewer opt ins) that sends out an automated email series and then redirects your lead to a thank you page with a front end offer.


*You can also redirect them straight to the offer, however you run the risk of the viewer entering a false email and you won't build as an effective email list. **


Head spinning?


No sweat.


Let's break down this step in detail, so you can start building your effective email list.


How Do You Build A Basic Capture Page?


To build a capture page is not as hard as people think, as long as you have a page builder software with drag 'n' drop functionality that is easy to use. The one I use is called Builderall, which also comes with an auto-responder making it super convenient and affordable.


It comes with templates that you can use making it easier to use without having to know any of that pain in the arse techie stuff... (Try It Out For 7 Days On Me)


Create your subscriber list


Before you start building an effective email list, you must first create a place to store your subscribers.


So you need to have an auto-responder service. (Most have a free trial period of a month)


Once you have your account set up then you need to create a subscriber list and then write a welcoming letter.


The e-mail series is optional at this moment, but it will definitely help you create passive income over time.


(This will be covered in a future post)


Watch the short video below to see this process in more depth



The Thank You Page


The first thing you want to do is build the thank you page. It doesn't have to be fancy.

See the image below for an example:



Once you've done that, the next step into building an effective email list is the most crucial:


The Capture Page


This step is often over complicated but you will find that you will have the best results if you keep it super simple.


Basically you want to emphasize the benefits your viewers will get with your report for instance:


See. Nothing too complicated.


Just enough to peak your viewers curiosity.


Watch The Short Video Below To Get A Visual On How To Accomplish This Step



Another important factor to build an effective email list is to only capture the email field.


You can capture the name and even number, but it will decrease the opt in rate.


Easy Peasy right?


Now that you've got your basic sales funnel set up it's time for the 3rd and final step to build an effective email.


Driving traffic to it.


Step 3 To Building An Effective Email List Is To Drive Traffic To Your Basic Sales Funnel.



Finally, once you have built your basic sales funnel, then it's time to drive traffic to it and build your email list.


This may seem simple, but yet again, it's another thing that people over complicate.


There are two types of ways to drive traffic to your capture funnel.


Free and paid.


Free traffic takes a bit more time and effort and sometimes provides poor quality leads.


The best places to get free traffic to build an effective email list online is on:





Ibo Toolbox




Paid traffic is the recommended way to build an effective email list because it enables you to focus on getting your basic sales funnel in front of more people who are looking for the solution to their problems.


Which will increase your opt in rates and conversion rates drastically.


Below are my favorite ways to drive paid traffic.


Solo ads

Lead Serve


Fb ads


Each of these methods vary slightly and I will cover them in more detail on other posts.


Below  is a very effective method you can use on your Facebook profile to get a crap ton of high quality free traffic.



Stay consist with this method and keep learning new methods to drive high qaulity to your basic capture page and build your effective email list.


Then continue doing what gets you the best results!


That's the key.


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