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How To Craft Intriguing Email Subject Lines To Increase Your Open Rates.

Jonathan Glaser      Tuesday, January 30, 2018

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Craft email subject lines that increase your open rates


The money is in the list.


Sure you've heard this one before. That's only half true, the money is actually in the email subject lines you use.


What's that mean?


Here's the deal.


There are many so called gurus put there who love to tell you to build a list and the money will come however, they conveniently forget to tell you the most important part.


You need to get your subscribers to open your emails.


This is what many email marketers struggle with and I'm willing to bet you are too since you're here reading this post.




Don't fret.


Stick with me and you will learn how to craft intriguing email subject lines that will increase your open rates and get more eyeballs on your emails, which will ultimately lead to more sales!


That's what you want right?




Here's the best part...


You Can Implement These Techniques In The Next 5 Minutes To Increase Your Email Open Rates!


You read that right.


You can easily implement these techniques in the next 5 minutes.


So let's get to it.


To increase your email open rates you need to first know who your subscribers are and what they are looking for and then segment your list accordingly.


For instance, if your list is already in the MMO (making money online) niche, and are interested in learning new ways to get traffic, then you would only email that list offers that deal with traffic generation.


Another great tip to increase email open rates is, to craft subject lines that intrigue your subscriber.


This is crucial because studies have shown that over 47% of subscribers judge emails by the subject lines.


Finally, make the email subject lines short and to the point. Another study was conducted that revealed that 67% percent of emails are read on mobile, so shorter subject lines are highly beneficial to increase your email open rates.


That's just the tip of the iceberg.


Next step is to know what to include in your email subject lines.


what to include in your email subject lines to increase open rates

What To Include In Your Email Subject Lines To Increase Open Rates.


This is the most crucial and for most, the most hallenging aspect of crafting email subject lines.


You run the risk of what I call email blindness. This is very similar to ad or banner blindness, where multiple marketers and advertising companies use the same form of adverts and graphics so much that the viewer gets used to seeing it and it eventually loses its effectiveness.


I'm sure you've seen this when you look inside your email inbox?


You need to stand out so your subscribers see your emails. Think of it as a war inside your subscribers inbox, every day they see hundreds of emails all spouting the same thing.


This is the number one reason yours needs to stand out.


Incorporate these into your email subject lines to increase your open rates.


Urgency- This is perhaps the most effective of them all. People will always be more inclined to act if they know that there is a time limit attached to the offer you're promoting.


Curiosity-This is another effective way to increase your email open rates. Give a hint of what your offer provides and it creates an uncontrollable urge to click your email to learn more.


Shock value- This is highly effective, yet should be used sparingly. A great example of this type of email subject line is: “Your credit card transaction has been declined”


Personalization- This is also highly effective because it has been proven that people have a higher responsive rate when they see their name.


Current Events- This is also a very powerful method to use when crafting email subject lines. It takes a bit of creativity to tie current events to your offers, but it will dramatically increase your open rates.


Stories- People love stories. That is why most marketing companies always incorporate a story around their products that makes their customers feel good and will be more inclined to buy.


Tell them what's inside- This is also a good tactic. Sometimes you just need to tell them what they will get when they open your email.


Time it right- Small businesses such as restaurants, bars and gyms use this method to let their customers know about current promotions, such as when happy hour specials start. However, if you're an online marketer, you can tie this in with the scarcity method.



Use these methods above and remember to never over promise or deliver false promises to your subscribers.


This is a sure fire way to kill your open rates and you will lose subscribers at a rapid pace.


Use Power Words Such As Proven In Your Email Subject Lines.


The next element to crafting email subject lines to increase your open rates is by using power words. These are words that marketers use to trigger parts of the brain that is responsible for making decisions by appealing to the primal needs of basic human functions.


Money being the number one basic need followed closely by love.


Just remember to be ethical and never offer false promises.


See a list of the power words to use in your email subject lines below:


 power words to use in email subject lines


An example of using power words is:


“Proven Strategy Pulls In $20-$50 Daily”


The next step is to implement and keep a close eye on which email subject lines works best with your subscribers, then rinse and repeat.


One last thing is to make sure to remove those subscribers who never open any of your emails.

They are just dead weight.


Additional Training To Increase Your Email Open Rates.


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