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CPA Profit Lab Review. Can It Really Make You $128 A Day?

Jonathan Glaser      Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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As you know, CPA marketing is one of my favorite ways to make money online. That is the exact reason that I am always searching for new ways to increase my results. I always share what works. That being said, I wrote this CPA Profit Lab Review to share my thoughts on a new course by  internet marketers, Samuel Cheema and Edwin Mik that focuses on using facebook ads to make an average of $100 daily!



Cpa Profit Lab


What Is CPA Profit Lab?


CPA Profits Lab is an over the shoulder 14 video training course that teaches you how to create winning campaigns using Facebook Ads.


Through out the CPA Profit Lab course, you will learn how to build successful facebook ads campaigns from the ground up including:


How to create a Facebook business manager account


How to set up multiple ad accounts (very important so you can keep running ads if facebook decides to disable your account)


Which CPA Networks to join to access the highest paying CPA offers that convert.


How to set up Facebook compliant capture pages


How to build the most powerful audience on Facebook and get the lowest possible CPC (cost per click)


All essential when running successful CPA campaigns on Facebook.


This is all you get access to inside the CPA Profit Lab member's area.



Are there Up Sells With CPA Profits Lab?


Yes, just like at any place of business, there will always be up sells. That's what the famous line "You want fries with that?" is, an up sell.  However, I won't promote anything that requires you to purchase the up sells in order to get the full course.


Unlike the classic McDonald's up sell that requires you to purchase fries and drink seperately to complete your meal, you don't need to purchase these to complete the course.


Everything you need is in the core course of CPA Profit Lab. The up sells are not needed to run successful campaigns.


But having the up sells will definitely speed up the process and make your life a whole lot easier in the long run.


CPA Profit Lab Up Sells Are As Follows:


Up Sell 1- Live Case Studies


This offer features over-the-shoulder case studies of this exact method put to action, and leaves nothing hidden. They show you the Cpa offers that they used, the exact targeting, interests, capture pages and ad copies, plus the will personally help you set everything up via Facebook.


Price: $27


Upsell 2 - Done For You Package


This offer features 3 Done For You CPA campaigns. These Include offers, capture pages, targeting, interests, ad copy, ad creative and 7 day follow up emails. Basically it by passes all the work you would normally have had to put in to get started with this method.


Price: $47


Upsell 3 - 3x 30 Min Live Webinar Series


With this you get access to 3 Live Webinars that will be held exclusively for purchasers of this offer. They will be delivered in 3 weeks, with 1 being held each week. In here you get the chance to interact live with the creators of CPA Profit Lab and pick their brain learn an advanced method to create winning CPA Campaigns with FB Ads. Everything will be explained in great detail.


Price: $97


There you have it the 3 up sells for CPA Profit Lab. All will be highly beneficial.


I recommend that you at least pick up the DFY package.


Of course, as I say in all my reviews, only buy what your budget allows. You can always purchase the up sells at another time.


**Important note: There are down sells available for all three up sells.. but you won't get the full value offered**


Are There Any Bonuses With CPA Profit Lab?


Yes! There Abso-frickin-lutely is!


I put together a bitchin bonus package that you can't resist.


Check out my bitchin bonuses below:


Cpa profit lab bonus 1

cpa profit lab bonus 2

cpa profit lab bonus 3

Sure Fire CPA Profits


Cpa profit lab mega bonus 1


Inside this brand new never before released bonus, you will learn a technique very few marketers use to o bank an easy $50-$100 a day with as little as $5! Now website needed!


Value: $47


Instagram Ninja Method



Leverage the hottest social media platform online with a 'SECRET' shout out method that drives targeted traffic to any offer of your choosing in any niche and delivers amazing results all with 100% FREE TRAFFIC! Takes 10 minutes a day!



Youtube Ads Secrets Exposed

Last but not least, a powerful way to engage with your audience through video marketing. It's been proven to convert at 60% higher than any other form of marketing and with Youtube ads you can get your CPA offers in front of buyer traffic with as low as .04 cents per click! All secrets will be revealed inside this bonus!

Value: $97


My Verdict On CPA Profits Lab.


All in all, CPA Profits Lab is for those serious about learning a solid method to making money online with CPA marketing, or those who want to scale up their income with CPA.


If you're not willing to put in the work and apply yourself or invest in paid traffic, then this is not going to work for you.


Harsh but true.


For those, who are, then CPA Profit Lab is perfect for you. Very affordable, easy to follow and implement and is a method that will never be outdated. You can use it 1, 2 even 5 years from now and still make money!


Watch my short video to take a tour of the members area



Click the button below to buy CPA Profit Lab and access my bitchin bonus package









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