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CPA Marketing: Easy Method To Make $20-$100 Daily

Jonathan Glaser      Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Easy way to make $20-$100 with CPA Marketing


If you're like most people, you keep hearing about a lucrative way to make money online called: CPA Marketing.


I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that you're not familiar with what CPA marketing is.




Well, you're going to learn today and even learn 2 easy free traffic methods that you can get started with and start making $20-$100 commissions a day with in the next 30 minutes.


So What Is CPA Marketing?


CPA Marketing stands for cost per acquisition.


In other words, you get by specific actions that your audience takes.


For instance, leads, email submits, zip submits, sales and pay per call.


Those are the actions you can get paid for with CPA Marketing.


Which is why many people prefer it because there is no recruiting and in most cases no selling involved.


That's basically CPA Marketing in a nutshell.


So what's the easiest way to start making money right away with CPA Marketing?


Pick Easy To Convert Offers And Generate $20-$100 A Day!


When first starting out with CPA Marketing, you want to start with offers that are easy to convert so you can start making money right away.


The best type of offers to do this with is: E-mail submits and Zip submits.


This simply means that you get paid a certain amount, starting at $1.60-$4.80 or more per lead.



Get 10-20 of these a day and you can make an easy $20-$100+ daily.


Times that by 7 and you have a nice chunk of change to work with every week to create a healthy ad budget to scale up or even promote other CPA Marketing offers that have higher payouts such as free trials. (more on this in later posts)


Drive Free Traffic Daily To These Cpa Marketing Offers!



The next thing to focus on is driving free high quality traffic to these CPA Marketing offers.


Why free traffic?


Simply because you want to start making money as soon as possible with burning through your money and also you can use the profits you make to build an ad budget before you start testing out paid campaigns.


(See Here For The Best Way To Get Started With Paid Traffic)


To do this you need to make sure that people are looking for easy ways to make money such as Surveys .


This method will take a bit of time, so be sure to set aside about 10-30 minutes a day.


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